Salsa Loca Update – February 2017

Today is the one year anniversary of the first Salsa Loca event – February 19th, 2016 (though it was a Friday; not a Sunday). 🙂

I am sorry to say though that we won’t be returning to Big Al’s for a second season. But we may find a new home for these events.  And we’re constantly working on other fun activities as well!

Thank you.

Salsa Loca Update – October 2016

Hey Everyone!

I have an update for you on the Salsa Loca schedule.

But, first, let me give you some backstory… originally, Salsa Loca was going to be a Spring through Summer (ending in August) event. At a certain point, the venue wished to go through October instead. But then in late August through early September, they had a General Manager change-over. So there was a hold on scheduling until the new GM was in place. Recently, the new GM looked at the possibility of a Fall, and even a Winter, schedule for us. But because he’s quite busy in getting acquainted with this new location (he was transferred from Oregon), he decided it would be best to simply do as they did last year by focusing on Football this Fall/Winter season. Therefore, Salsa Loca may do one of three things:

  • Take a break until after Football season. Then resume at Big Al’s.
  • Change venues until after Football season. Then resume at Big Al’s.
  • Change venues more permanently.

I’ve also been working on a couple additional event ideas. One in which is a large, incredibly cool event slated for this Spring. You definitely won’t want to miss it! More details to come on this, and other events, as things develop.


P.S. If so inclined, please feel free to email Big Al’s to thank them for hosting us this past year. They’d love to hear how much you enjoyed these events! Email:

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